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Anti Spam software ratings and reviews

We offer unbiased information about anti spam software.

Our goal is to provide consumer reviews on the most popular anti spam software.

How much spam is out there?

Statistics range on the amount of spam that is currently being sent, the general consensus is 80-85% of all e-mail sent is spam.

How does this affect me personally?

Frustration.  Spam strikes again, reading an e-mail, using instant messenger (IM), cell phone, or mobile its everywhere.  Spam affects a lot of people at home, work, while you on vacation.

What is spam? Spam is unsolicited junk e-mail.

Spam comes in various shapes sizes and colours.  It may come disguised as a trojan horse, spy ware, add ware, malware, root kit(s), worms
it may even be a browser hijacker.  As spamming techniques continue change, so do the programs used to end spam.

Currently, the most common type of spam is known as phishing.  The phishers send an email, IM as bait to lure you into giving them your user ids, passwords and other personal information.

Phishers have gone to a lot of effort to imitate legitimate websites often looking almost exactly like the real website.  The rule of thumb, when in doubt don't give your information out. 


Does this seem like an up hill battle? 

Will the spammers win?

Anti Spam software has improved a lot since spam first came on to the scene.

  • Offering black list controls
  • internet protocol (i.p.) blocking
  • custom settings/rules
  • anti virus* 
Protecting children, co-workers, family and friends has become easier then ever before.

Note not all anti spam software offer the same controls and features i.e. anti virus.
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